Otis Redding

~Nobody’s Fault But Mine~

~The Mar-Keys~

~Last Night~

hmmm… wonder what happened last night?! >_>


~Walking the Dog~

~Otis Redding and Carla Thomas~


I have recently come to the realization that Otis Redding has made my top 3 list of all time favorite singers/bands. I honestly can’t think of a song of his that I don’t love!

~Justin Hinds and the Dominoes~

~Save a Bread~

Well it is 1pm and I’m working on my 4th cup off coffee, finally starting to feel with it. With a little help from Justin Hinds of course.

~Mable John~

~Running Out~

~Sam Cooke~

~(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.

So, DJ Porkchops posted some Sam Cooke today and it got me thinking how much I love this song. (And you should follow DJ Porkchops, because he always is posting great tunes!)

~Ruby Johnson~

~Keep on Keeping on~

Just can’t get enough of soul music lately, and Ruby Johnson is amazing.

Etta James

~I just Wanna Make Love to You~

My God that voice!

Bill Moss

"You Look Like Something that the Cat Drug in"

Now this was not my first choice for a Bill Moss song. I was actually looking for “Sock To’em Soul Brother,” but could not find it. :( Now this song is on the album “Rockaphilly, and considering what a badass city Philadelphia is how could I pass this song up?