Roland Alphonso

~El Pussy Cat~

Ken Parker

~Jimmy Brown~

~The Pioneers~

~Reggae Fever~

~Ruby Mills~

~Long Story~

~Justin Hinds and the Dominoes~

~Save a Bread~

Well it is 1pm and I’m working on my 4th cup off coffee, finally starting to feel with it. With a little help from Justin Hinds of course.

~Lauriel Aitkens~

~Sally Brown~

Sally Brown sounds like one lovely lady!

~Max Romeo~

~Chase the Devil~

Up yours Satan,  see you in outer-space!

Today was almost a bad day and then I heard this…

Lord Tanamo

~I’m in the Mood for Ska~

King Horror

~Loch Ness Monster~


Ken Boothe

~The Train is Coming~

I tried to find a better video for this song, best I could come up with. Does not do this song justice.